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Sexy AF Amar-Oh is an alcohol free amaro made for mocktails.

Tasting like a classic liquor Amar-Oh features botanicals like Cinnamon, Schisandra, Sarsparilla and many more. Our Amar-Oh has many benefits for people wishing to drink alcohol free or non alcoholic mocktails.

All Sexy AF Spirits are:

100% Alcohol Free

Gluten Free

Allergen Free

No Added Sugar

Plant Based

Low Calorie

Low Carb



With Sexy AF Spirits you can create your favorite mocktail recipes. Using ingredients many people already have like orange juice, grapefruit juice, coconut milk, pineapple juice, fresh mint leaves or lemon juice you can create your own refreshing booze free mixed drinks in the comfort of your own home.

More and more people are choosing the health benefits of our refreshing, alcohol free cocktails like the ViirGiin Mule, Triple Sexy Cosmopolitan, Amar-Oh Spritz or Kamparii Negroni instead of alcoholic beverages or alcoholic spirits. Whether you are sober, sober curious or just don’t want to drink an alcoholic drink, you can still enjoy a Sexy AF Spirit any time you choose.

Next time you are out with family or friends, put down that sparkling water and lime juice and tell your server you want a mocktail that’s Sexy AF!

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